Sunday, July 27, 2008

Elise's photos from the reunion

If I (Tom) publish peoples photos, I get to headline and tag the photos as I see fit... LHS Class of '83 chilin in the shade...

Kent Johnson, happy he only has two sets of twins under the age of 6

Diana Thomas Duncan ages better than anyone, looking better every five years.

Gamin Buckbee Summers - can't wait to read the write up about the reunion. Make sure to send us a copy for posting on the blog... Headline will probably be something like "Mistake - After 25 years returning to my home town for a class reunion proved to be the longest weekend of my adult life."

Janet, Tricia and LaDawn

Lady Lover Lawrence Pace with Elise and Jennifer (A thorn between two roses) Is that his '78 Ford in the background?

Jayme and Julie

Becky, Leesa and Elise

What??? LaDawn the center of attention...???

JanaLee Maughan Checketts talking with some Harley Guy who rolled in....

Elise, Darci and Jennifer

Darci, Patrice and Elise

Any guesses... next blog post has all the names for those of us who can't remember anyone

Dinner: 7-11 hot dogs and Diet Sprite

Kent Johnson and the shortest guy in the class behind the camera.

Becky, Elise, Kristi, Leesa

Elise and the water boy at Hamiltons (Looks like a Junior Prom picture to me?)

Kent and Craig - two of the service men from the class.

Vonda pretending to listen to Matt and Janet laughing at Scott

Brett and Tenessa (one of them looks a bit older - sorry Brett)


(double left click on photo for larger view)

Front row: Elise Alder Clark, Craig Snow, Danene May Dustin, Kristina Kvarfordt Peterson, Tricia Hymas Stauffer, Gamin Buckbee Summers, Jann Foster Gardner, Diana Thomas Duncan
2nd row: Rolan Olsen, Julie Koeven Larsen, Brett Neuberger, Janet Bringhurst, Becky Ware Lindstrom, Vonda Halaufia, Patrice Fjelsted Ashby, Gay Jackson
3rd row: Burt Lamborn, Neil Hancey, Scott Bunnell, Troy Oldham, Doug Jardine, Suzanne Lofthouse Lucherini, Leesa Steed Simmons, Darci Richardson Singer, LaDawn Hansen Coburn, Tenessa Shurtliff
4th row: Jeff Hunsaker, Jennifer Walker Hyde, Matt Hyde, Brian Oliver, Kent Johsnon, Tom Emmett, Jayme Kartchner Anderson, JanaLee Maughan Checketts, Lisa Jackson Sheppard

At least one or two of us had a good reunion...

Thanks to Matt and Jennifer Hyde & Janet Bringhurst for locating as many as they could (it takes a lot of time, THANKS!) and thanks to Kristi K. Peterson for bowling, Troy Oldham for golfing, Todd Godfrey for showing up to say high and not staying for dinner, thanks to Brian Oliver for the official LHS awards and thanks to everyone who turned out for our 25th Logan High Class of 83 Reunion.

Why is Troy Oldham guarding the food...?

Becky Ware (black and white) was awarded most changed and I would say Gamin Buckbee Summers (end right) is most changed/lifestyle from high school. All lady classmates look great! and the guys look old....
I'm not even going to comment on this one

The supportive half...

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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Looking for Pictures

We are looking for class pictures...

Has anyone has scanned photos from days gone by? If so can you email them to

If any of you trust me I would scan them and return the photos.

Top 10 Things To Help You Look Your Best For The LHS 83 Class Reunion

10 - Buy a pair of 501 Shrink-To-Fit jeans that you can wear with out washing, this will make your waist size 2" smaller. example see Jodi Allen

9 - Land your private helicopter on Main Street in front of the restaurant

8 - Color that hair. My wife and kids love to pull out the Sharpie Marker and color my natural grey highlights.

7 - If you don't have any hair ask Mr. Jensen or Mr. Anderson to borrow, rent or lease their hair. (I would have it dry cleaned before fitting and wearing)

6 - Look taller, you'll look thinner - try high heals or heal lifts in your shoes. (I think I put heal lifts in the shoes for one or two dances.)

5 - Rent the car of your dreams: I'm NOT pulling up in my 10 year old mini van. (o.K. maybe I will or my bike)

4 - Have one of your kids stand in for you; they look younger and have heard all the stupid high school stories so they can pull it off and act like you too.

3 - Wear the same tux or dress you wore to a prom.

2 - Drop 5 lbs. in a week; water and grapefruit diet.

And the the number one way to look your best for the reunion...

1 - Hand out autograph copies of you in the 2009 Shirtless Mormon Missionary Calendar.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

13 Days to LHS Class of '83 Reunion - Let's Dance!!

Line up, shake it, kick it and let's get ready to party!!! (fyi - you can left click on the photo to enlarge for a better look)

July 26th, 2008: Get ready for your best day/night this year, on a Saturday, in July, with old friends. It's coming soon to a life near you.

If you haven't sent money please do so!!! Please confirm how many and who is coming!!! $27 per plate

Send payment made to "Logan High Class of 83" to Tom Emmett 60 North 1300 East Logan, Utah 84321
I had a mini reunion this past weekend on main street, downtown Logan. Ran into the likes of Jayme Kartchner Anderson, LaDawn Hansen Coburn, and Scott Bunnell all from out of town and Troy Oldham who lives in the valley. Plus exchanged a few emails with Jim Coon. I think the reunion came early...

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Logan High Class of '83 Reunion - July 26th

Thanks for all your votes and emails. Things are almost locked in...

We invite you to do as much or little as you want but show up and catch up.

Dinner: 5 or 6:00 (not sure) hors d oeuvres, 7:00 dinner at Hamiltons Steak & Seafood Restaurant 2427 N. Main. Cost $27 each plate (NY Strip, Chicken Cord en Blue, or Miso Glazed Salmon with all the fixin's - full bar available for additional charge)

WE NEED a COUNT and CASH. Please email Tom Emmett and tell me with or without partner and send $27 per person to: 60 North 1300 East Logan, Utah 84321 (Thanks Gay J. for being the first to send payment without even being asked!!!) or call cell 435-881-9806

Picnic: 12ish at a park - not sure where - bring your own eats and beverages

Golf Tournament: Birchcreek in Smithfield. Start at 12:00/noon with tee times staggered every 8 minutes. Cost is $13 walking or $18 riding and everyone needs their own clubs (Birchcreek has rentals available for $15.) Confirm by July 15th. Contact Troy Oldham

10:30 am Bowling - if you want to go with or without kids - contact Kristi, phone 310-663-7198

7:00 am Tennis - hit a few balls on the court - contact Janet Bringhurst phone 435-770-2847

We are still looking for some entertainment (good or bad) for the dinner. Any thoughts, suggestions, recommendations, and volunteers will be considered. All else fails and coach Reeder will be doing the slap dance...