Sunday, July 27, 2008

Elise's photos from the reunion

If I (Tom) publish peoples photos, I get to headline and tag the photos as I see fit... LHS Class of '83 chilin in the shade...

Kent Johnson, happy he only has two sets of twins under the age of 6

Diana Thomas Duncan ages better than anyone, looking better every five years.

Gamin Buckbee Summers - can't wait to read the write up about the reunion. Make sure to send us a copy for posting on the blog... Headline will probably be something like "Mistake - After 25 years returning to my home town for a class reunion proved to be the longest weekend of my adult life."

Janet, Tricia and LaDawn

Lady Lover Lawrence Pace with Elise and Jennifer (A thorn between two roses) Is that his '78 Ford in the background?

Jayme and Julie

Becky, Leesa and Elise

What??? LaDawn the center of attention...???

JanaLee Maughan Checketts talking with some Harley Guy who rolled in....

Elise, Darci and Jennifer

Darci, Patrice and Elise

Any guesses... next blog post has all the names for those of us who can't remember anyone

Dinner: 7-11 hot dogs and Diet Sprite

Kent Johnson and the shortest guy in the class behind the camera.

Becky, Elise, Kristi, Leesa

Elise and the water boy at Hamiltons (Looks like a Junior Prom picture to me?)

Kent and Craig - two of the service men from the class.

Vonda pretending to listen to Matt and Janet laughing at Scott

Brett and Tenessa (one of them looks a bit older - sorry Brett)

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