Sunday, June 29, 2008

LHS Class of '83 Reunion - Remember the 15th?

Brett "Bear Hugging" Neuberger during the 15th reunion.
Who's that lucky dancer? Looking forward to the 25th....

Monday, June 23, 2008

Missing In Action LHS '83 Class Members

Logan High '83 Class Reunion - Saturday July 26th

We have a new list posted, lower right section, of missing class members. If any of you know the where abouts of these fine folks please contact them and let them know any information. Wasn't Jim Coon MIA for about a week during our Junior year? Coming soon in hard back, "How to travel the west with only $1.76" by James Coon

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Logan High Class 83 email plead

Logan (Utah) High Class Reunion: Saturday July 26th

We would like to collect an email list from everyone to join the Flock of Seagulls electronic wave of the future. Please email me, Tom and I will collect and make a list to keep us all up to date.

Here is a list of all classmates: Please let us know if there are any corrections....

Diane Adams Martin, Elise Alder Clark, Jodi Allen, Brock Almond, Robert Anderson, Kraig Anderson, Renae Anderson Frost, Blake Barrett, Steven Bassett, Mem Baugh, Linda Beach Holland, David Berry, Mosumi Biswas Aslett, Scott Bladen, Robert Blanchard, Barye Bluth, Troy Bodrero, Bryan Bodrero, Tim Bradfield, Lisa Bradley, Janet Bringhurst, Jeff Bryner, Gamin Buckbee Summers, Stephanie Budge Stucker, Lannice Budge Hall, Amy Buirley, Scott Bunnell, Robert Kirk Burnnett, Dr. David Cardon, Dr. Zoe Cardon, Scott Carles, Sheri Carling Mosher, Terrisa Carlise Berg, Scott Carter, Todd Christensen, Kristie Christensen Cooley, James Coon, Dave Cowley, Joni Cox Garcia, Dr. Wallace Crandall, Thomas Cronin, Brenda Croshaw, Curt Curtis, Robin Davidsavor Mangum, Kevin Dennis, Chris Derr, Cindy Eccles, Glen Elbert, James Eliason, Becky Eliason Mouritsen, Tom Emmett, Vicki Erickson Yeates, Mehrdad Ferdowsian, Katrina Ferney Adams, E.J. Fillmore, Catherine Monson Fisk, Patrice Fjelsted Ashby, Coleen Fluckinger Olson, Bill Ford, Jann Foster Gardner, Doug Froelich, Teresa Gereaux Hankinson, Willie Gessel, Kim Gilbert, Todd Godfrey, John Gossner, Kevin Griffin, Randi Gunnell Carter, Vonda Halaufia, Derek Hale, Neil Hancey, LaDawn Hansen Coburn, Eric Harouni, Eddie Harouni, Carl Hart, Michelle Haws Anderson, Tony Hill, Maria Hobson Dabb, Derk Horlacher, Boyd Hubbard, Jeff Hunsaker, Matthew Hyde, Tricia Hymas Stauffer, Heidi Jackman Munk, Gay Jackson, Lisa Jackson Sheppard, Doug Jardine, Matthew Jarrett, Brad Jenkins, Teresa Jensen Priestley, Lori Jessop, Kent Johnson, Bill Jorgensen, Jayme Kartchner Anderson, Sean Kennedy, John Kirk, Troy Knowles, Natalie Knowles Lamb, Steven Knowlton, Julie Koeven Larsen, Jodie Kramer, Kristina Kvarfordt Peterson, Burt Lamborn, Britt Landeen Donnelly, Pam Leishman Buirley, Suzanne Lofthouse Lucherini, Tana Loveland Kowallis, Anita Lowe, Annette Malouf Graham, Janet Marshall Deters, Kim Mathys, Ken Mathys, Donnell Matlock, Gay Mauchley Leishman, JanaLee Maughan Checketts, Danene May Dustin, Maureen McDonald Olsen, Leslie McQuilken, Kristi Meacham, Tom Miller, Jaylene Monson Nix, Jed Nelson, Brett Neuberger, Darin Neves, Christy Nichols Stock, Kelly Niederhauser, Bonnie Niederhauser Harms, Matthew Nielson, Troy Oldham, Brian Oliver, Rolan Olson, Lawrence Pace, Dave Parish, Allison Passo-Smuck, Kelley Pendleton Hymas, Craig Peterson, Rodney Pitkin, Angie Pond Simmons, Kosta Poulopoulos, Holley Randle Gifford, Darci Richardson Singer, Alan Robison, Rick Roskelley, Thor Roundy, Shiree Sargis Beauford, Durwin Schwartz, Laura Shepard Kelley, Larry Shirk, Tenessa Shurtliff Singleton, Patricia Simmons Crane, Kristin Sisson Strong, Vernon Skabelund, Tracey Smith, Angie Smith Ahlemeyer, Janell Smith Jarman, Craig Snow, Debra Sorenson, Bryan Speth, Leesa Steed Simmons, Wade Stenquist, David Stock, Brad Swallow, Leesa Telford, Becky Teuscher Leishman, Cassie Thom Cox, Ron Thomas, Diana Thomas Duncan, Jack Thompson, David Thornley, Edgar Tooley, Jennifer Walker Hyde, Becky Ware Lindstrom, Kelli Wellard Cox, Cindy Whitaker Perkins, Glen Wickham, Paul Willardson, Dr. Sven Eric Wilson,Thayne Woodward, John Worley, Larry Wright, Kirsten Schultz, Dianna Schaeffer South

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

25th Reunion Logan High Class '83

Welcome!!! Logan (Utah) High Class of 1983 Reunion date: Saturday July 26th

Holy Crap it's been 25 years....

Golf Tournament: Birchcreek in Smithfield. Start at 12:00/noon with tee times staggered every 8 minutes. Cost is $13 walking or $18 riding and everyone needs their own clubs (Birchcreek has rentals available for $15.) Confirm by July 15th. Contact Troy Oldham

Dinner: 4/5pm horderves and mingle. 6ish dinner Do you want to eat at Copper Mill Restaurant, Logan High, USU? We need to know soon so vote or be surprised.

Tennis tournament: vote if you want one maybe early morning Sat???

Picnic at the park with friends: Would you like it or are you over it, please vote?

Let us know what is going on.... want to be part of the blogging? Just email me your email and I'll get you set up?