Monday, June 23, 2008

Missing In Action LHS '83 Class Members

Logan High '83 Class Reunion - Saturday July 26th

We have a new list posted, lower right section, of missing class members. If any of you know the where abouts of these fine folks please contact them and let them know any information. Wasn't Jim Coon MIA for about a week during our Junior year? Coming soon in hard back, "How to travel the west with only $1.76" by James Coon


Anonymous said...

It's good to hear from the stalwarts,once again.

My crew just moved back into the valley (Hyde Park), so let me know what contact info you need to update, Tom. You can email me directly at:

Looking forward to seeing you all.

-Neil Hancey

Anonymous said...

I Will let my Dad (Brian Oliver) know about this upcoming reunion when i talk to him (hopefully soon).
Dad Retired in 2003 and he has not been around much due to traveling and such, although he did show up for the birth of his first Grandchild (boy).
The address that you have on file in SLC is no longer valid but the family passed on the card to me during a family reunion of the 4th of July.

Hope you all have a great time and good memories.

Jennifer Fako

Jaylene said...

Hey classmates!! The email address list is a GREAT idea! Count me in on that one. Jaylene Monson Nix and let's stay in touch. Sorry to not make the reunion on the 26th, as that is the same day as our Monson Family Reunion, but I will be thinking of you all and hope it's a great time to reminisce, laugh, and reacquaint, etc... Thanks for all you do! Have Fun and Enjoy! Jaylene

Derek said...

Hey Class of '83!
I hope you have a great reunion.
I won't be able to make it back to Logan during that time. We are now living in the Tampa area and really love it. I'll miss seeing old (I guess we really are old aren't we?) friends. Nice link Gym...those are some old pictures!
Derek Hale

Gym Eliason said...

Laughs. Yeah we just finished up a weekend playing for a party for Logan city employees. Then we headed up to Kemmerer Wyoming to play fossilfest. Party party party! I miss playing with you in Opies fetish and all the cool tunes. I need to call you sometime Zeke. Let me know when you are up in the area so we can get together.

derek said...

I will. Now I have your email I will send you a note. I've got some new gear and REALLY miss the band days. That's great that you're back on stage. We might make it back for Thanksgiving...I'll give you a call.