Wednesday, June 11, 2008

25th Reunion Logan High Class '83

Welcome!!! Logan (Utah) High Class of 1983 Reunion date: Saturday July 26th

Holy Crap it's been 25 years....

Golf Tournament: Birchcreek in Smithfield. Start at 12:00/noon with tee times staggered every 8 minutes. Cost is $13 walking or $18 riding and everyone needs their own clubs (Birchcreek has rentals available for $15.) Confirm by July 15th. Contact Troy Oldham

Dinner: 4/5pm horderves and mingle. 6ish dinner Do you want to eat at Copper Mill Restaurant, Logan High, USU? We need to know soon so vote or be surprised.

Tennis tournament: vote if you want one maybe early morning Sat???

Picnic at the park with friends: Would you like it or are you over it, please vote?

Let us know what is going on.... want to be part of the blogging? Just email me your email and I'll get you set up?


Anonymous said...

Some class mates might like to show off our kids - it reminds of the days of having a full head of hair and being skinny - Remember what you used to look like???

Troy Oldham said...

Great work on the blog site Tom. Please let me, tom, matt & jenn know about the golf tournament asap.

Look forward to seeing EVERYONE this year!


BTW Tom - the music ROCKS!!!

Jennifer Walker Hyde said...

I guess Tom thinks he was voted class clown when he invited everyone to my house for the reunion. Personally I would love to see you at my door, but I am sure we would not all fit.

I am excited to see everyone again.

ps My email on the blog is my school address. My summer email address is

Tom said...

Jennifer, maybe Matt asked me to have the festivities at your place? At any rate it looks like the peoples choice is speaking.

I have been called many worse things than class clown... just ask Brett Neuberger!

Jim Coon said...

Well campers, since I was the Class Clown I feel that it is necessary that I respond in kind. I vote for it definatley being and Jennifer's house.

Unfortunately, the current date of the 26th of July conflicts with other callings. I will be in the Republic of Georgia through the 30th of July and thus will be unable to take part in the festivities. By all means take plenty of pictures and send them my way.

Best wishes to all and I hope you all have a great reunion.

Jim Coon

EJF said...

Hey everyone golfing sounds like fun. Hope to see you all on the 26th if I make it through that week of scout camp. Tell me you can feel my pain. Peace out.


Heidi Munk said...

I am sorry that I will not be able to be there. I will be in Alaska during that time frame.

It would have been fun to see you all!

Heidi Jackman Munk

:*¨♥MeMsYpÖÖh♥¨*:·. said...

Thank you for the information on the class Reunion since I din't receive the Post Card...Not sure if you have my correct address or my mom address. is my email address or
and I am not sure yet if I am attending or not. Please keep me up to date and I will let you know as soon as possible. Thanks

SHIREE said...

Hi Everyone!!

I can't believe its been 25 YEARS!!!! I guess time flies when you're having fun!!

Although I only joined LHS 6 months before graduation, I have some awesome memories!! I look forward to seeing all of you and catching up!

JIM COON - sorry we missed each other this reunion. I stood you up at the last one, so I guess we're even now ;-) Keep in touch ;-)


Jaylene said...

Thanks class of '83! Looks great! Stay in touch!! Jaylene Monson Nix

Anonymous said...

Somehow I missed the first announcement, but my wife and I are planning on seeing everyone at the dinner on Saturday night! See you then - Burt Lamborn

Jaylene said...

Try this "brain age" test '83 classmates! It is a bit of a challenge, and I think your first score is the most accurate, but let us all know if anyone gets lower than a 20 year old...that is the best I can do, which isn't too bad for a chronologically 42 year old brain, do you think? Have Fun!