Thursday, July 17, 2008

Looking for Pictures

We are looking for class pictures...

Has anyone has scanned photos from days gone by? If so can you email them to

If any of you trust me I would scan them and return the photos.


Anonymous said...

Okay folks, we need bowlers. Those of you who do not golf need to join us at 10 am at Logan Lanes. We can eat fries with fry sauce, throw a few strikes (can you say bumpers?) and my kids will babysit your kids. Really, come on. My back is bad and I am going! Let me know!

Kristi Kvarfordt Peterson

Anonymous said...


I have not thrown a bowling ball since i quit the Leauge and the PBT but you want me to find my bowling ball someplace in the shed, wake up at 4am in order to get there and throw down some pins??? actually sounds like fun :) ... It Will be a good omen if i actually make it to the Dinner, you never know, things just might work out.