Thursday, July 17, 2008

Top 10 Things To Help You Look Your Best For The LHS 83 Class Reunion

10 - Buy a pair of 501 Shrink-To-Fit jeans that you can wear with out washing, this will make your waist size 2" smaller. example see Jodi Allen

9 - Land your private helicopter on Main Street in front of the restaurant

8 - Color that hair. My wife and kids love to pull out the Sharpie Marker and color my natural grey highlights.

7 - If you don't have any hair ask Mr. Jensen or Mr. Anderson to borrow, rent or lease their hair. (I would have it dry cleaned before fitting and wearing)

6 - Look taller, you'll look thinner - try high heals or heal lifts in your shoes. (I think I put heal lifts in the shoes for one or two dances.)

5 - Rent the car of your dreams: I'm NOT pulling up in my 10 year old mini van. (o.K. maybe I will or my bike)

4 - Have one of your kids stand in for you; they look younger and have heard all the stupid high school stories so they can pull it off and act like you too.

3 - Wear the same tux or dress you wore to a prom.

2 - Drop 5 lbs. in a week; water and grapefruit diet.

And the the number one way to look your best for the reunion...

1 - Hand out autograph copies of you in the 2009 Shirtless Mormon Missionary Calendar.

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Hey Tom

You offering shuttle service from the Airport?